Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Change the Way you Think About Everything

This is an awesome little video released by WWF to raise awareness. It's short, neat and makes its point beautifully.

As pointed out by Chris Jordan in his powerful TED presentation, our contribution to global climate change, ocean acidifiction and the devastation of species is caused by huge numbers of us not behaving all that badly. 

As of today, 15th of December 2010 there are 6,887,992,287 (that's six billion eight hundred eighty-seven million nine hundred ninety-two thousand two hundred eighty-seven) of us living on this planet with little or no regard to our mass impact.

Our survival as a species depends on each of us as individuals making the change to a way of living in which we consider carefully, the resources we use, the businesses we support, the way in which we dispose of our waste and the way in which we conduct ourselves. 

The title of this clip says it all; Change the way you think about everything.

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